Videos I have Created

Film style Shooting Brings More Emotion to Plantscaping’s Beautiful Floral Designs

These events are shot usually in very brief passages of time. There never seems to be enough time to prepare all the endless details that make an event ‘special’ and video is often the least important of the event’s agenda!  So with that in mind we were able to eek out a few shots from a number of different venues around Cleveland.


100% Customer Driven, Testamonial type Video Production (No Script Whatsoever)

These testimonials are, again, unscripted…and so, more authentic.  It’s impossible for a non-actor to ‘act’, and these testamonials are simply that.  Actual customers just sharing what their experience was to work with Plantscaping, over years of time.  Any supplier can pull off a 1 time event…it’s where you test the meddle of the company when you call on them multiple times over the course of a year.

The Latest New Machining Innovations for Long Tube Processing

Processing long tube is not what I usually think about on a daily basis…that is until the chance to do a video for Bardons & Oliver came up!  A very specialized company, no doubt, but it is amazing how the more specialized, the more necessary video usually is, as it becomes more necessary to communicate how you ARE different from other companies, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

In this video we created a video for the 2012 IMTS (industry tradshow) to showcase a whole new family of machines for Bardons & Oliver and for them to post on their website afterwards.  It also is a powerful sales tool for sales.

Re-Edit Existing Video Footage to Sharpen Focus for a Flash Mod Dance Teacher