Dolesh Edit Design Created Videos that Cut to the ‘ESSENCE’ of Tri-Tech Medical’s Innovative Products

The videos we created for Tri-Tech Medical are a classic example of simple and sound best practices for video production:  Tell them “What’s in it for ME?” and by the way, please be CONCISE–I don’t have much time!!  Working with their sales team, we helped them write a very tight and target script that focuses on the benefits of their products.   So, take a look at these videos that Dolesh Edit Design video production created:

This video we created graphics that could be re-purposed, and saved the client money!  Dolesh Edit Design is value in the long run, because when we create video animations and or animated graphics, we archive them, and then they are readily available to re-customize, adapt and therefore save money by using them in future videos.  Can you see the ‘re-purposed’ animations in this video?


Promotional Video Designed for Christian Business and Ministry Tradeshow

Video-Production-Service-Provider_Christian_Business_Ministry_Expo_Come out and get connected to those who can strengthen your walk!  It’s easy today to get discouraged with all the bad news we hear…But, we can all take a step of faith and encourage each other.  Support Christian businesses and ministries because they ‘are’ the hands and feet of Christ in the marketplace.   Continue Reading →

Shooting Reality Based ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos More Difficult than Appears

In an effort to keep production costs down, but show all the amazing things that Plantscaping does behind the scenes to add excitement and beauty that really creates the mood of an event, I suggested that we create a series of somewhat ‘reality’ based videos that would show a prospective couple what is actually involved in a setting a room for a ceremony and re-setting a room for a reception… Continue Reading →