Video Production and Editing Equipment


We use state of the art hardware and software, inspiration and a healthy dose of experience.  But in most cases, it’s rarely the most sophisticated equipment that makes a project successful and or memorable or even effective.  A solid creative concept will do far more for video than the latest software, computer or camera.  Michelangelo would be more effective with a children’s paint set, than a than an unskilled apprentice working with the most sophisticated video production gear.

However, if you combine all of best of the above, you can have tremendous impact.  That being said, here is a partial list of hardware:

Soft Skills (please see resume):

Download it here (right click and choose ‘save as’)Video_Production_Richard_Dolesh_Resume










Video Production Equipment:

Cameras and Video Production Tools:

A very experienced and creative MIND

Canon Video Camera/Digital DSLR 7D  (1080 24p capable)

Professional totally flexible 15mm aluminum rail system

Panasonic video camera: HMC-150 (ENG style camcorder)

Canon (smaller) video camera HFS-21 (for filming the hard to reach/dangerous)

20′ x 11′ soft Green Screen (used for cutting out the background from the recorded image of a still or video camera)

2 Soft Box lights / tripods

Various LED studio and on camera kits

2 point Lowel portable halogen kit

20′ x 11 portable green screen (pictured above)

Konova Slider

Traditional simple dolly (tube track)


Sennheiser EW G3 Series Wireless Lavalier

Audio Technica and Sony Wired Lavaliers

Adobe Audition (Creative Cloud)


Editing Equipment:

64 Bit AMD Hexacore workstation with Adobe approved Nvidia Graphics Card

32 Bit Dell Precision workstation 390 with Adobe approved Nvidia Graphics Card

Tablet based, highly portable with remote speed Teleprompter

Wacom Tablets

Sony DSR-11

Portable LCD screens (15″) and (32″)


Adobe Creative Cloud, including Premiere Pro, After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator and more

Avid Xpress Pro

Cinema 4 D for 3 D animation

Art Rage 2.0


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