Previous Faith / Corp videos: I filmed and edited

Working with Falls Communications, They wrote the script, and I created all the graphics and did some filming to create this final video. The on-location videotaping consisted of a real light post that was placed in front a home that we had permission to film. I was filming from the top of a 12′ ladder, yikes! I was able to mount a small tripod and therefore get somewhat steady shots using the Canon 7D DSLR and a 28mm lens to keep the point of interest on the light post–not the background. The beginning animations were created in After Effects CC. I love the voice! (Royce Turner) The video promotes retrofitting LED lights.

These short videos showcases Plantscaping’s beautiful corporate work. All shots were filmed on a Canon 7D with a most basic dolly. A 50mm lens was used to give a very short depth of field. Music from which really works well with the pacing of the video.

Lifework Leadership: A Year in Review

What is Lifework Leadership?  A 9 month program that helps you focus your faith in practical ways to your unique calling.  It also challenges you to do a group project. I think every Christian could benefit from this program.  I filmed each speaker throughout the year and put together this video.

Catchy video for outreach effort of Beyond the Walls Church

This video is just the highlights of a great outreach given by Beyond the Walls Church in Elyria.   Shot entirely handheld.





This video was produced for Bardon’s & Oliver, long tube processing specialists.  They used it at the 2012 IMTS show at their both.  Dolesh Edit Design did all filming and editing and basic video production work, while Falls Communications wrote the script and managed the project.  It really is a pleasure working with Falls Communications.  They are true to their word and always fair.








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