Is Your Business Struggling?

Is your business struggling with diminished sales or profits.   Do things seem to getting worse.  Technology has such profound changes not just to the internet, but to our culture, and even the way we do business, and even life.  I think God is often shaking things up in our livest, and often just pushing you to open new doors.  (just as in my business technology has made ‘everyone’ a filmmaker or ‘video producer’)

Fear can be crippling…so it takes some faith.  It’s a battle.

Do I try something new, or do video_production_can_help_business_dolesh_edit_designwhat I did yesterday?

I’ve tried to do things as I did ‘yesterday’…but in the business of video production, where re-invention is so prevalent, that’s a bad place to be!   So now, I am trying to see how can I use the ‘current state of how people use technology’ to help my business.  And in my case, my unique gifting (what God has put on my heart–for me it’s singles coaching, and other health topics)  So in my own walk, I’m trying to move on those things, because I feel God can bless that.

For me, It’s easy to do what I did yesterday…it takes faith to do something new!

If you’re a business, and your struggling…what emerging markets or problems are there that could be new opportunities if you gave them a fresh new look?   What new problems are your current customers facing that you could address?

Video has incredible power to communicate on multiple dimensions.  When you want to explore a new idea, contact me and let’s discuss what new opportunities there may be for you to address and serve, and therefore grow your business.

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