How I can HELP You

How I can help you: We script, shoot and edit promotional video and any video production.

1.  Brainstorming and consulting with you about project ‘Scope’ and feasability.

If you are not doing video/animation production full time, it can be hard to keep on top of all the new time saving and content producing ideas and trends that have developed due to technology and other developments.  With 20 years of professional experience, Dolesh Edit Design can bring an seasoned perspective to any production, saving you untold headaches and dollars.

2.  Editing and designing a video production from scratch taking ‘overall’ goals from you the client.

Dolesh Edit Design can create a complete, finished and highly professional video from scratch working with very little.  If all you have is a few old pictures, that’s a start.  Perhaps that’s what we would incorporate into the history part of your video, and shoot, edit and design a short video around your goals for promoting your business or organization.

3.  Revising or updating your ‘current’ videos.

Perhaps you have a number of videos your employees shot and you need them to be edited, tightened up and polished.  No problem!  We can do some great things in this area.  Also, we could animate your logo and put that on the front and back, ad a quality voice over, and graphics.  Then score the whole video with a custom music track to give it the extra polish.

4.  Special projects

Perhaps too many to cover here. Repurposing old footage, pictures, testamonials, and anything else that may benefit telling your story. We also do greenscreen shooting, compositing, motion graphics, Layout and design for a complete media campaign (for smaller businesses/churches)