Church Media Production

Can Your Mission Statement be a Video?

Even the most well intentioned people will be hard pressed to read your entire website…so get to the essence of your organization with video. And if possible let others talk about you.  so, why not take your entire website identity and squeeze it down to a short narrative, then add images that tell the story.

Shooting was 1.5 days.  Editing…not too long, Shot on a DSLR and Panasonic HMC 150 for the 4 person interview, this video conveys what Westside Christian Academy is all about.

Lifework Leadership: A Year in Review

What is Lifework Leadership?  A 9 month program that helps you focus your faith in practical ways to your unique calling.  It also challenges you to do a group project. I think every Christian could benefit from this program.  I filmed each speaker throughout the year and put together this video.

Catchy video for outreach effort of Beyond the Walls Church

This video is just the highlights of a great outreach given by Beyond the Walls Church in Elyria.   Shot entirely handheld.




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