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Can Your Mission Statement be a Video?

Even the most well intentioned people will be hard pressed to read your entire website…so get to the essence of your organization with video. And if possible let others talk about you.  so, why not take your entire website identity and squeeze it down to a short narrative, then add images that tell the story.

Shooting was 1.5 days.  Editing…not too long, Shot on a DSLR and Panasonic HMC 150 for the 4 person interview, this video conveys what Westside Christian Academy is all about.

Lifework Leadership: A Year in Review

What is Lifework Leadership?  A 9 month program that helps you focus your faith in practical ways to your unique calling.  It also challenges you to do a group project. I think every Christian could benefit from this program.  I filmed each speaker throughout the year and put together this video.

Catchy video for outreach effort of Beyond the Walls Church

This video is just the highlights of a great outreach given by Beyond the Walls Church in Elyria.   Shot entirely handheld.


Coach Gary Waters speaks to Cleveland Business Leaders

DED Customizes a Joel Osteen :30 spot for Church on the Rise in an effort to get local viewers ‘plugged-in’

The portion of Joel Osteen was shot by lakewood Church. Dolesh Edit Design videotaped Pastor Paul Endrei and his wife Patti, edited the footage and created all the graphics to give it a cohesive look. The footage we were given was not specifically designed for a tv spot. But DED created a custom tv spot for Church on the rise by editing out a much smaller section to make it work for tv. Motion graphics were animated from the COR image that gave the creative inspiration, and consistency. Check it out!

3D animation adds impact to this short video sermon teaching on ‘Distractions’

Check out this short 7 minute teaching that DED created from a long 50 minute plus sermon.  The long version is great, no doubt, but if you only have a few minutes, this gives you a good portion of the incredible message Pastor Ricardo Johnson brings from the Bible on avoiding ‘Distractions’ which can be so devastating.

Affordable video created for a Priceless purpose

This video I shot and edited this 4:45 for Beyond the Walls Church and Cross Community Church. These kids would likely have had nothing for Christmas as they live in a housing project in Elyria Ohio. But praise God for these two churches and the many volunteers who helped make it happen.

I was tempted to ‘slap together’ a quick :30 clip of this footage, but, again I got convicted. When you see how much impact their efforts had on these kids.

From a production standpoint, I attempted to use my Canon 7D DSLR for some shots, and realized it was not a good fit–so I went back to the old DVX-100A and started shooting again. All the footage was shot in 24P Advanced mode. with not a single color grade or effect other than dissolves.



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